Top 5 iOS App Development Trends To Watch For In 2017


There are wide speculations that the annual revenue of Apple’s apps store has crossed the mark of 28 million dollars in 2016. No wonder, iOS app developers are pushing their limits to outperform each other and providing a spectacular mobile experience to their clients. In such a scenario, it will be interesting to explore the top 5 iOS app development trends that are likely to rule 2017.

This will prove handy if you have an interest in pursuing an iOS app development course in Kolkata or any other city having a sound infrastructure for providing iOS app development training. So, read on.

GPS Related Apps

With the tremendous popularity of Pokemon Go, it is increasingly evident that GPS can ensure the success of a mobile app. Small businesses have also shown enormous interest in iOS apps that are GPS related to providing location based services to their targeted customers more effectively. In 2017, it is a possibility that demand will be high for such apps in companies doing business in retail, transportation or logistics.

Internet of Things

There is no denying the fact that IoT is on a rise and will be the next BIG thing. The demand for IoT based apps has increased considerably across the world. The focus of iOS developers will be completely on leveraging the power of IoT products by creating some wonderful apps. The key is to develop IOS apps that ensure secure information exchange and apt recognition of sensor signals from IoT devices.

Enterprise Apps

With more enterprises embracing mobility, enterprise apps will be one of the iOS development trends for sure. The focus can be on ensuring better customer engagement and customer service to boost ROI.

Augmented Reality

The augmented reality is already changing the landscape of gaming industry and in 2017, it is highly unlikely that it will not catch the attention of iOS developers to penetrate in other industries too.

Swift Coding

More developers engaged in iOS app development will do programming in SWIFT which has become increasingly popular due to an ease in doing reliable coding by using Xcode tools.

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WordPress- a Search Engine Friendly Application Software

WordPress Training in Kolkata Karmick Institute

In the past, the webmaster was the only critical component for success on the internet. So one has to pay the amount asked for and only hoped to get the success of their website. Not every time it happened that one got the success they wanted.Moreover if one wanted to make minor changes it took several days to get it implemented on the website. Though it claims that they do search engine optimization work or put the website on the search engine but actually the fact is HTML websites are not search engine friendly language. Hence, optimizing the same will be very costly and time-consuming.

WordPress to the Rescue

WordPress is considered to be one of the best content management system as it was introduced after the popularity of the search engines. This indicates that one can add content to the site after it has been developed. The WordPress sites are quite easy and comfortable to design if one know how to download the ‘plugins’ and ‘Widgets’ as these make the WordPress more powerful.

One can easily design their own WordPress site even if the person belongs from the nontechnical background. The only thing that is required is a proper training on WordPress which is easily possible because there is many WordPress training institute in Kolkata.

WordPress Training Course Kolkata
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WordPress consists of various features, out of which few of them are used by the user and some are left untouched. But the course consists training of all its features. The best thing of this application software is that one can go back and review the sections if missed or training purpose. The renowned institutes include all the features of WordPress in their WordPress training in Kolkata center.

The institutes emphasize on video training and also there are lots of text documents and study materials to be covered in the complete course of WordPress. But video training is preferred more because it quickens the process of training and makes it interesting for the students.

The best feature of this application software is that search optimization is built in it and Google loves these blogging sites. Hence, learning the application of this software is not tough just a proper training and practice will take a person to the expert level. On top of that, this user-friendly software helps one to revise the past sections if one forgets them which increases the possibility of error free work.

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PHP Training Center in Kolkata and job opportunity

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